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    Tuesday, April 11, 2017

    Project Release Process to Client Organisation

    It is the main phase of SDLC which talks about releasing project to client organization from software company after its completion in development phase. The organization who give their requirements to software company for developing software projects is called as client organization. For example,SBI,ICICI,LIC etc...The company who develops the projects for client organization is called as software company.Example: IBM,TCS,HP etc...Once the project is released then the client organization location is called onsite location and software company location is called as offshore location. 

    The Integrated Machine is the central Machine of Software Development company where all projects of company will be integrated,tested and managed. This machine generally runs on Linux or solaris Operating System.While releasing project certain members of team will be asked to go to client organization location to receive the project and to install the project. This team is called as onsite team. The remaining team members will stay in software company itself to support onsite team. This supporting team is called offshore team. The machine of client organization where the received project will be installed is called as production machine or box.

    Step by Step project release process:

    • Team completes Integration of project
    • In house testing takes place on the project
    • 3rd party Testing takes place on the project
    • Project Manager forms onsite team and sends to client organization and also forms offshore team to support onsite team
    • offshore team prepares tar file(taped archive) like zip file of windows having all the resources of projects like(.java, .class, .properties, .jar  , .xml)
    • offshore team prepares Dispatch Central(D.C) containing instructions of receiving and installing projects.
    • onsite engineers keeps production box ready having the same setup of integrated machine(including software machine).
    • offshore team uses FTP application and releases tar file project to client organization having D.C document
    • Project Leader keeps release mail to various people like PM,HR department,delivery manager,client organization representative,onsite and offshore team members.
    • onsite engineers receive the project and install the projects in production box by following D.C document instructions.
    • onsite team creates some dummy user in the project makes the employees of the client organization to test project for few days.This is called User Access Test(UAT).
    • If UAT results are positive then client organization sends congrats mail to offshore team/software company. That means end of project release.
    All the above steps indicate main release of the project.In maintenance phase of the project the client organization sends bugs and issues to offshore team through onsite team. This offshore team will improvise the code or will write new code to fix bugs and issue and they supply this code to onsite team.This onsite team will replace old code with new code based on new D.C.document instructions. This process is called as patch releases of project.

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